One Eyeland – “Hartono Hosea”

One Eyeland – “Hartono Hosea”

One Eyeland – “Hartono Hosea”



This particular photographer was very easy to find through the website. Hartono has very interesting shots on his website. He comes from a country called Indonesia. He has a very interesting style of taking pictures. Its more so pictures of models than landscape or anything else. He seems to have a more interesting fascination towards women, because his entire profile is all women in different variations, for example one shot is a women underwater while the others model anywhere else. One interesting picture to me was a women wearing a strip of LED lights as a dress. All of his work seems to give off a different feeling towards whatever dress, color or look he is portraying.

Cost – Free to sign-up. Upgrade offer availible from $80.

Setup – Very easy to setup, simular to any other social media site.

Uploading – After creating your account, on the top right hand of the screen you may click upload to share any of your work of your choosing.

Copyright – No Copyright intended. You keep whatever photos you have.

Cross Content – Links only with Facebook currently.

Visibility – Comparably not very popular, but seems to be getting there. Roughly only 44,000 users.

Pros – easy to use. just another social media site that does the same as the ones already popular. Vibrant alluring website. does appear more fun compared to others. Nice Instagram-like way of displaying your photos.


Cons – Does not have a wide audience to view what you’ve shared. Not many people use it. No filters available. 



Hey Go right ahead and add me on Behance! great new site!

Hey Go right ahead and add me on Behance! great new site!