One Eyeland – “Hartono Hosea”

One Eyeland – “Hartono Hosea”

One Eyeland – “Hartono Hosea”



This particular photographer was very easy to find through the website. Hartono has very interesting shots on his website. He comes from a country called Indonesia. He has a very interesting style of taking pictures. Its more so pictures of models than landscape or anything else. He seems to have a more interesting fascination towards women, because his entire profile is all women in different variations, for example one shot is a women underwater while the others model anywhere else. One interesting picture to me was a women wearing a strip of LED lights as a dress. All of his work seems to give off a different feeling towards whatever dress, color or look he is portraying.

Cost – Free to sign-up. Upgrade offer availible from $80.

Setup – Very easy to setup, simular to any other social media site.

Uploading – After creating your account, on the top right hand of the screen you may click upload to share any of your work of your choosing.

Copyright – No Copyright intended. You keep whatever photos you have.

Cross Content – Links only with Facebook currently.

Visibility – Comparably not very popular, but seems to be getting there. Roughly only 44,000 users.

Pros – easy to use. just another social media site that does the same as the ones already popular. Vibrant alluring website. does appear more fun compared to others. Nice Instagram-like way of displaying your photos.


Cons – Does not have a wide audience to view what you’ve shared. Not many people use it. No filters available.